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Conference proceedings on statistics for astronomy and physics
Data Analysis Challenges in Astronomy
    Astrostatistics workshop at the High Energy Astrophysics Division (American Astronomical Society) meeting in New Orleans (2004).  Most presentations are online.
Statistical Challenges in Astronomy
    edited by Eric D. Feigelson & G. Jogesh Babu (2003).  Third Penn State cross-disciplinary research conference on astrostatistics.  Topics include cosmology (large-scale structure, cosmic microwave background.
PhyStat 2003: Statistical Problems in Particle Physics, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
    edited by Louis Lyons et al. (2003).  Interdisciplinary conference held at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  Topics include statistical inference for physical scientists, small samples, goodness-of-fit methods, data mining, statistical codes, mixture models.  Full text of proceedings is online.
Advanced Statistical Techniques in Particle Physics
    Conference held at Durham covering confidence intervals and limits, multivariate methods, systematic errors, goodness-of-fit tests, parton distributions, instrument-specific techniques, and matrix methods. Full text of proceedings is online.
Astronomical Data Analysis
    edited by Jean-Luc Starck & Fionn D. Murtagh (2001).  SPIE conference #4477 held in San Diego.
Mining the Sky
    edited by A. J. Banday, et al. (2001).  Workshop at the Max Planck Institutes in Garching on databases, sky surveys, and data mining.
Confidence Limits
    Two workshops, convened by Louis Lyons and Fred James at FermiLab and CERN, for discussion of frequentist and Bayesian inferences from low- or zero-signal observations in particle physics.  Proceedings and discussion for the CERN workshop are available online.
Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy II
    edited by G. Jogesh Babu & Eric D. Feigelson (1997).  Second Penn State cross-disciplinary research conference on astrostatistics.
Errors, Bias, and Uncertainties in Astronomy
    edited by C. Jaschek & F. Murtagh (1990).Early astrostatistics conference held in Garching. 
Statistical Methods in Astronomy
    edited by E. J. Rolfe (1983).  Early astrostatistics conference sponsored by the Centre des Donnees Stellaires in Strasbourg. 

Related conferences include:
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
    (1992--) 14 annual conferences published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.  Many topics in data processing, software systems, packages and standards in astronomy. 
Astronomical Data Analysis II
    edited by Jean-Luc Starck & Fionn D. Murtagh (2001-02).  Two conferences sponsored by the Society of Photo-Industrial Engineers (#4477 and 4847). Topics include information storage & retrieval, and data mining in astronomy.
Data Analysis in Astronomy
    (1984/86/88/91) Four workshops held in Erice on software and methodology for astronomical data analysis.
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