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Data visualization & mining
The Visual Display of Quantitative Data
    by Edward R. Tufte (2nd ed, 2001). Very popular, widely-praised, broad-scope presentation of statistical display and graphic design.

Visual Data Mining: Techniques and Tools for Data Visualization and Mining
    by Tom Soukup & Ian Davidson (2002). Helpful volume on strategies for data mining with business applications. Includes data selection & preparation, model selection & verification, visualization tools.
Graphics of Large Data Sets: Visualizing a Million
    by Anthony Unwin, Martin Theus, Heike Hofmann (2006). Well-illustrated, readable multiauthor volume on contemporary visualization methods. Covers statistical graphics (dotplots, boxplots, scatterplots, histogram, grand tour), blending and highlighting, interacting with large datasets, mosaic plots, rotating plots, parallel coordinate plots, networds, trees and recursive plots, transactions.
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