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Nonlinear regression
Applied Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models
    by R. J. Carroll, D. Ruppert, L. A. Stefanski (1995). Monograph treating issues arising in (non)linear regression in the presence of measurement errors, with examples from biomedicine. Topics include linear regression with various error structures, regression for calibration, instrumental variable estimation, hypothesis testing, density estimation & nonparametric regression, and simulation, (quasi)likelihood, Bayesian, semiparametric methods, and other topics.

Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression: A Practical Guide with S-PLUS and R Examples
    by S. Huet, A. Bouvier, M.-A. Poursat & E. Jolivet (2nd ed., 2004). Cookbook-type monograph on use of nls2 package in R with examples from biomedicine. Covers nonlienar regression models, parameter estimation & confidence intervals, variance estimation, model misspecification diagnostics, calibration & prediction, multinomial & Poisson nonlinear models.

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