plot.factor {graphics}R Documentation

Plotting Factor Variables


This functions implements a “scatterplot” method for factor arguments of the generic plot function. Actually, boxplot or barplot are used when appropriate.


## S3 method for class 'factor':
plot(x, y, legend.text = levels(y), ...)


x,y numeric or factor. y may be missing.
legend.text a vector of text used to construct a legend for the plot. Only used if y is present and a factor.
... Further arguments to plot, see also par.

See Also

plot.default, plot.formula, barplot, boxplot.


plot(PlantGrowth)                                # ->
plot(weight ~ group, data = PlantGrowth)         # numeric vector ~ factor
plot(cut(weight, 2) ~ group, data = PlantGrowth) # factor ~ factor
## passing "..." to barplot() eventually:
plot(cut(weight, 3) ~ group, data = PlantGrowth, density = 16*(1:3),col=NULL)

plot(PlantGrowth$group, axes=FALSE, main="no axes")# extremly silly

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