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Interface to modify Trellis Settings - Deprecated


A (hopefully) simpler alternative to trellis.par.get/set. This is deprecated, and the same functionality is now available with trellis.par.set


lset(theme = col.whitebg())


theme a list decribing how to change the settings of the current active device. Valid components are those in the list returned by trellis.par.get(). Each component must itself be a list, with one or more of the appropriate components (need not have all components). Changes are made to the settings for the currently active device only.


lset is a wrapper to trellis.par.set that allows setting more than one parameter at a time, and only the components that are to be changed need be specified.

This function is expected to be used in conjunction with functions that return `themes', i.e., lists which when supplied to lset change the overall look and feel of the display.

lset is used to modify the settings on a one-time basis. It is also possible to make persistent changes in the default theme used via a user-settable option, see trellis.device for details.


Deepayan Sarkar

See Also

trellis.device, show.settings, Lattice


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