panel.densityplot {lattice}R Documentation

Default Panel Function for densityplot


This is the default panel function for densityplot.


panel.densityplot(x, darg, plot.points = TRUE, ref = FALSE,
                  col, col.line, ...)


x data points for which density is to be estimated
darg list of arguments to be passed to the density function. Typically, this should be a list with zero or more of the following components : bw, adjust, kernel, window, width, give.Rkern, n, from, to, cut, na.rm (see density for details)
plot.points logical, specifying whether or not the data points should be plotted along with the estimated density.
ref logical, whether to draw x-axis
col color for points and line
col.line color for line, overrides col
... extra grahical parameters


Deepayan Sarkar

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