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Default Panel Function for stripplot


This is the default panel function for stripplot. Also see panel.superpose


panel.stripplot(x, y, = FALSE, factor = 0.5,
                horizontal = TRUE, groups = NULL,


x,y coordinates of points to be plotted whether points should be jittered to avoid overplotting.
factor factor by which to jitter
horizontal logical. If FALSE, the plot is `transposed' in the sense that the behaviours of x and y are switched. x is now the `factor'. Interpretation of other arguments change accordingly. See documentation of bwplot for a fuller explanation.
groups optional grouping variable
... graphical parameters etc can be supplied, passed to panel.xyplot or panel.superpose, depending on whether groups is present


Creates stripplot (one dimensional scatterplot) of x for each level of y


Deepayan Sarkar

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