trellis.object {lattice}R Documentation

A Trellis Plot Object


This class of objects is returned by high level lattice display functions, and is usually plotted by default by its `print' method.


A trellis object, as returned by high level lattice functions like xyplot, is a list with the ``class'' attribute set to ``trellis''. Many of the components of this list are simply the arguments to the high level function that produced the object. Among them are: as.table, layout, page, panel, prepanel, main, sub, par.settings, par.strip.text, strip, skip, xlab and ylab. Some other typical components are:

index.cond list with index for each of the conditioning variables
perm.cond permutation of the order of the conditioning variables
aspect.fill logical, whether aspect is ``fill''
aspect.ratio numeric, aspect ratio to be used if aspect.fill is FALSE
call call that generated the object.
condlevels list with levels of the conditioning variables
legend list describing the legend(s) to be drawn
panel.args a list as long as the number of panels, each element being a list itself, containing the arguments in named form to be passed to the panel function in that panel.
panel.args.common a list containing the arguments common to all the panel functions in name=value form
x.scales list describing x-scale, can consist of several other lists, paralleling panel.args, if x-relation is not ``same''
y.scales list describing y-scale, similar to x.scales
x.between numeric vector of interpanel x-space
y.between numeric vector of interpanel y-space
x.limits numeric vector of length 2 or list, giving x-axis limits
y.limits similar to x.limits


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