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Retrieve and Update Trellis Object


Update method for objects of class ``trellis'', and a way to retrieve the last printed trellis object (that was saved).


## S3 method for class 'trellis':
update(object, ...)


object The object to be updated, of class ``trellis''.
... arguments that will be used to update object. See details below.


All the high level lattice functions such as xyplot produce an object of (S3) class ``trellis'', which is usually printed by its print method. However, the object itself can be manipulated and modified to a large extent using the update method, and then re-plotted as needed.

Most arguments to high level functions can also be supplied to the update method as well, with some exceptions. Generally speaking, anything that would needs to change the data within each panel is a no-no (this includes the formula, data, groups, subscripts and subset). Everything else is technically game, though might not be implemented yet. If you find something missing that you wish to have, feel free to make a request.

Not all arguments accepted by a Lattice function are processed by update, but the following should work (they are described in the help page for xyplot):

panel, aspect, as.table, between, key, auto.key, legend, layout, main, page, par.strip.text, prepanel, scales, skip, strip, sub, xlab, xlim, ylab, ylim, par.settings, index.cond, perm.cond

Any other argument is added to the list of arguments to be passed to the panel function. Because of their somewhat special nature, updates to objects produced by cloud and wireframe do not work very well yet.

The print method for ``trellis'' objects optionally saves the object after printing it. If this feature is on, trellis.last.object can retrieve it. Note that at most one object can be saved at a time. If trellis.last.object is called with arguments, these are used to update the retrieved object before returning it.


An object of class trellis, by default plotted by print.trellis.


Deepayan Sarkar Deepayan.Sarkar@R-project.org

See Also

trellis.object, Lattice, xyplot


spots <- by(sunspots, gl(235, 12, lab = 1749:1983), mean)
old.options <- lattice.options(save.object = TRUE)
xyplot(spots ~ 1749:1983, xlab = "", type = "l",
       scales = list(x = list(alternating = 2)),
       main = "Average Yearly Sunspots")
update(trellis.last.object(), aspect = "xy")
## Not run: 
trellis.last.object(xlab = "Year")
## End(Not run)

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