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Quantile Regression Rankscore Test


Function to compute regression rankscore test of a linear hypothesis based on the dual quantile regression process. A test of the hypothesis, is carried out by estimating the restricted model and constructing a test based on the dual process under the restricted model. The details of the test are described in GJKP(1993). The test has a Rao-score, Lagrange-multiplier interpretation since in effect it is based on the value of the gradient of unrestricted quantile regression problem evaluated under the null. This function will eventually be superseded by a more general anova() method for rq.


rrs.test(x0, x1, y, v, score="wilcoxon")


x0 the matrix of maintained regressors, a column of ones is appended automatically.
x1 matrix of covariates under test.
y response variable, may be omitted if v is provided.
v object of class "rq.process" generated e.g. by rq(y ~ x0, tau=-1)
score Score function for test (see ranks)


See GJKP(1993)


Test statistic sn is asymptotically Chi-squared with rank(X1) dfs. The vector of ranks is also returned as component rank.


[1] Gutenbrunner, C., Jureckova, J., Koenker, R. and Portnoy, S. (1993) Tests of linear hypotheses based on regression rank scores. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, (2), 307-331.

[2] Koenker, R. W. and d'Orey (1994). Remark on Alg. AS 229: Computing dual regression quantiles and regression rank scores. Applied Statistics, 43, 410-414.

See Also

rq, ranks


# Test that covariates 2 and 3 belong in stackloss model using Wilcoxon scores.
rrs.test(stack.x[,1], stack.x[,2:3], stack.loss)

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