plot.ppr {stats}R Documentation

Plot Ridge Functions for Projection Pursuit Regression Fit


Plot ridge functions for projection pursuit regression fit.


## S3 method for class 'ppr':
plot(x, ask, type = "o", ...)


x A fit of class "ppr" as produced by a call to ppr.
ask the graphics parameter ask: see par for details. If set to TRUE will ask between the plot of each cross-section.
type the type of line to draw
... further graphical parameters



Side Effects

A series of plots are drawn on the current graphical device, one for each term in the fit.

See Also

ppr, par


with(rock, {
area1 <- area/10000; peri1 <- peri/10000
par(mfrow=c(3,2))# maybe: , pty="s")
rock.ppr <- ppr(log(perm) ~ area1 + peri1 + shape,
                data = rock, nterms = 2, max.terms = 5)
plot(rock.ppr, main="ppr(log(perm)~ ., nterms=2, max.terms=5)")
plot(update(rock.ppr, bass=5), main = "update(..., bass = 5)")
plot(update(rock.ppr, sm.method="gcv", gcvpen=2),
     main = "update(..., sm.method=\"gcv\", gcvpen=2)")

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