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Check R Code for Possible Problems


Check R code for possible problems.


checkUsage(fun, name = "<anonymous>", report = cat, all = FALSE, 
           suppressLocal = FALSE, suppressParamAssigns = !all,
           suppressParamUnused = !all, suppressFundefMismatch = FALSE,
           suppressLocalUnused = FALSE, suppressNoLocalFun = !all,
           skipWith = FALSE, suppressUndefined = dfltSuppressUndefined) 
checkUsageEnv(env, ...) 
checkUsagePackage(pack, ...) 


fun closure.
name character; name of closure.
env environment containing closures to check.
pack character naming package to check.
... options to be passed to checkUsage.
report function to use to report possible problems.
all logical; report all possible problems if TRUE.
suppressLocal suppress all local variable warnings.
suppressParamAssigns suppress warnings about assignments to formal parameters.
suppressParamUnused suppress warnings about unused formal parameters.
suppressFundefMismatch suppress warnings about multiple local function definitions with different formal argument lists
suppressLocalUnused suppress warnings about unused local variables
suppressNoLocalFun suppress warnings about using local variables as functions with no apparent local function definition
skipWith logical; if true, do no examine code portion of with expressions.
suppressUndefined suppress warnings about undefined global functions and variables.


checkUsage checks a single R closure. Options control which possible problems to report. The default settings are moderately verbose. A first pass might use suppressLocal=TRUE to suppress all information related to local variable usage. The suppressXYZ values can either be scalar logicals or character vectors; then they are character vectors they only suppress problem reports for the variables with names in the vector.

checkUsageEnv and checkUsagePackage are convenience functions that apply checkUsage to all closures in an environment or a package. checkUsagePackage requires that the package be loaded. If the package has a name space then the internal name space frame is checked.


Luke Tierney


## Not run: checkUsagePackage("base",suppressLocal=TRUE)

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