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File Utilities


Utilities for testing and listing files, and manipulating file paths.


list_files_with_exts(dir, exts, all.files = FALSE, full.names = TRUE)
list_files_with_type(dir, type, all.files = FALSE, full.names = TRUE,
                     OS_subdirs = .OStype())


x character vector giving file paths.
dir a character string with the path name to a directory.
exts a character vector of possible file extensions.
all.files a logical. If FALSE (default), only visible files are considered; if TRUE, all files are used.
full.names a logical indicating whether the full paths of the files found are returned (default), or just the file names.
type a character string giving the “type” of the files to be listed, as characterized by their extensions. Currently, possible values are "code" (R code), "data" (data sets), "demo" (demos), "docs" (R documentation), and "vignette" (vignettes).
OS_subdirs a character vector with the names of OS-specific subdirectories to possibly include in the listing of R code and documentation files. By default, the value of the environment variable R_OSTYPE, or if this is empty, the value of .Platform$OS.type, is used.


file_path_as_absolute turns a possibly relative file path absolute, performing tilde expansion if necessary. Currently, only a single existing path can be given.

file_path_sans_ext returns the file paths without extensions. (Only purely alphanumeric extensions are recognized.)

list_files_with_exts returns the paths or names of the files in directory dir with extension matching one of the elements of exts. Note that by default, full paths are returned, and that only visible files are used.

list_files_with_type returns the paths of the files in dir of the given “type”, as determined by the extensions recognized by R. When listing R code and documentation files, files in OS-specific subdirectories are included if present according to the value of OS_subdirs. Note that by default, full paths are returned, and that only visible files are used.

See Also

file.path,, list.files


dir <- file.path(R.home(), "library", "stats")
file_test("-d", dir)
file_test("-nt", file.path(dir, "R"), file.path(dir, "demo"))
list_files_with_exts(file.path(dir, "demo"), "R")
list_files_with_type(file.path(dir, "demo"), "demo") # the same
file_path_sans_ext(list.files(file.path(R.home(), "modules")))

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