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European Union Agricultural Workforces


Gross National Product (GNP) per capita and percentage of the population working in agriculture for each country belonging to the European Union in 1993.




A data frame with 12 observations on 2 variables:
[ , 1] x numeric per capita GNP
[ , 2] y numeric percentage in agriculture

The row names of the data frame indicate the countries.


The data seem to show two clusters, the ``more agricultural'' one consisting of Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.


Eurostat (European Statistical Agency, 1994): Cijfers en feiten: Een statistisch portret van de Europese Unie.


Anja Struyf, Mia Hubert & Peter J. Rousseeuw (1996): Clustering in an Object-Oriented Environment. Journal of Statistical Software, 1.

See Also

agnes, daisy, diana.



## Compute the dissimilarities using Euclidean metric and without
## standardization
daisy(agriculture, metric = "euclidean", stand = FALSE)

## 2nd plot is similar to Figure 3 in Struyf et al (1996)
plot(pam(agriculture, 2))

## Plot similar to Figure 7 in Struyf et al (1996)
## Not run: plot(agnes(agriculture), ask = TRUE)

## Plot similar to Figure 8 in Struyf et al (1996)
## Not run: plot(diana(agriculture), ask = TRUE)

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