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Plot Banner (of Hierarchical Clustering)


Draws a ``banner'', i.e. basically a horizontal barplot visualizing the (agglomerative or divisive) hierarchical clustering or an other binary dendrogram structure.


bannerplot(x, w = rev(x$height), fromLeft = TRUE,
           main=NULL, sub=NULL, xlab = "Height",  adj = 0,
           col = c(2, 0), border = 0, axes = TRUE, frame.plot = axes,
           rev.xax = !fromLeft, xax.pretty = TRUE,
           labels = NULL, nmax.lab = 35, max.strlen = 5,
  = axes && length(x$order) <= nmax.lab,
           yaxRight = fromLeft, y.mar = 2.4 + max.strlen/2.5, ...)


x a list with components order, order.lab and height when w, the next argument is not specified.
w non-negative numeric vector of bar widths.
fromLeft logical, indicating if the banner is from the left or not.
main,sub main and sub titles, see title.
xlab x axis label (with `correct' default e.g. for plot.agnes).
adj passed to title(main,sub) for string adjustment.
col vector of length 2, for two horizontal segments.
border color for bar border; now defaults to background (no border).
axes logical indicating if axes (and labels) should be drawn at all.
frame.plot logical indicating the banner should be framed; mainly used when border = 0 (as per default).
rev.xax logical indicating if the x axis should be reversed (as in plot.diana).
xax.pretty logical or integer indicating if pretty() should be used for the x axis. xax.pretty = FALSE is mainly for back compatibility.
labels labels to use on y-axis; the default is constructed from x.
nmax.lab integer indicating the number of labels which is considered too large for single-name labelling the banner plot.
max.strlen positive integer giving the length to which strings are truncated in banner plot labeling. logical indicating if a y axis and banner labels should be drawn.
yaxRight logical indicating if the y axis is on the right or left.
y.mar positive number specifying the margin width to use when banners are labeled (along a y-axis). The default adapts to the string width and optimally would also dependend on the font.
... graphical parameters (see par) may also be supplied as arguments to this function.


This is mainly a utility called from plot.agnes, plot.diana and plot.mona.


Martin Maechler (from original code of Kaufman and Rousseeuw).


bannerplot(agnes(agriculture), main = "Bannerplot")

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