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Banner of Monothetic Divisive Hierarchical Clusterings


Creates the banner of a mona object.


## S3 method for class 'mona':
plot(x, main = paste("Banner of ", deparse(x$call)),
          sub = NULL, xlab = "Separation step",
          col = c(2,0), axes = TRUE, adj = 0,
          nmax.lab = 35, max.strlen = 5, ...)


x an object of class "mona", typically created by mona(.).
main,sub main and sub titles for the plot, with convenient defaults. See documentation in plot.default.
xlab x axis label, see title.
col,adj graphical parameters passed to bannerplot().
axes logical, indicating if (labeled) axes should be drawn.
nmax.lab integer indicating the number of labels which is considered too large for labeling.
max.strlen positive integer giving the length to which strings are truncated in labeling.
... further graphical arguments are passed to bannerplot() and text.


Plots the separation step at which clusters are splitted. The observations are given in the order found by the mona algorithm, the numbers in the step vector are represented as bars between the observations.

When a long bar is drawn between two observations, those observations have the same value for each variable. See chapter 7 of Kaufman and Rousseeuw (1990).

Side Effects

A banner is plotted on the current graphics device.


In the banner plot, observation labels are only printed when the number of observations is limited less than nmax.lab (35, by default), for readability. Moreover, observation labels are truncated to maximally max.strlen (5) characters.


see those in plot.agnes.

See Also

mona, mona.object, par.

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