rect.hclust {stats}R Documentation

Draw Rectangles Around Hierarchical Clusters


Draws rectangles around the branches of a dendrogram highlighting the corresponding clusters. First the dendrogram is cut at a certain level, then a rectangle is drawn around selected branches.


rect.hclust(tree, k = NULL, which = NULL, x = NULL, h = NULL,
            border = 2, cluster = NULL)


tree an object of the type produced by hclust.
k, h Scalar. Cut the dendrogram such that either exactly k clusters are produced or by cutting at height h.
which, x A vector selecting the clusters around which a rectangle should be drawn. which seleccts clusters by number (from left to right in the tree), x selects clusters containing the respective horizontal coordinates. Default is which = 1:k.
border Vector with border colors for the rectangles.
cluster Optional vector with cluster memberships as returned by cutree(hclust.obj, k = k), can be specified for efficiency if already computed.


(Invisibly) returns a list where each element contains a vector of data points contained in the respective cluster.

See Also

hclust, identify.hclust.


hca <- hclust(dist(USArrests))
rect.hclust(hca, k=3, border="red")
x <- rect.hclust(hca, h=50, which=c(2,7), border=3:4)

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