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Are Some Values True?


Given a set of logical vectors, are any of the values true?


any(..., na.rm = FALSE)


... one or more logical vectors. Other objects are coerced in a similar way as as.logical.default.
na.rm logical. If true NA values are removed before the result is computed.


This is a generic function: methods can be defined for it directly or via the Summary group generic.


Given a sequence of logical arguments, a logical value indicating whether or not any of the elements of x are TRUE.
The value returned is TRUE if any the values in x are TRUE, and FALSE if all the values in x are FALSE.
If na.rm = FALSE and x consists of a mix of FALSE and NA values, the value is NA.


Prior to R 2.1.0, only NULL and logical, integer, numeric and complex vectors were accepted.


Becker, R. A., Chambers, J. M. and Wilks, A. R. (1988) The New S Language. Wadsworth & Brooks/Cole.

See Also

all, the “complement” of any.


range(x <- sort(round(rnorm(10) - 1.2,1)))
if(any(x < 0)) cat("x contains negative values\n")

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