base-deprecated {base}R Documentation

Deprecated Functions in Base package


These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of R only, and may be defunct as soon as the next release.


loadURL(url, envir = parent.frame(), quiet = TRUE, ...)
delay(x, env = .GlobalEnv)


url a character string naming a URL.
envir the environment where the data should be loaded.
quiet, ... additional arguments to download.file.
x an expression
env an evaluation environment


The original help page for these functions is often available at help("oldName-deprecated") (note the quotes). Functions in packages other than the base package are listed in help("pkg-deprecated").

loadURL has been superseded by load(url()). Note the comments on that help page: Windows users will need to use mode="wb".

delay has been replaced by delayedAssign. As from R 2.1.0 promises should never be visible unevaluated.

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