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Environment Browser


Interrupt the execution of an expression and allow the inspection of the environment where browser was called from.




A call to browser causes a pause in the execution of the current expression and runs a copy of the R interpreter which has access to variables local to the environment where the call took place.

Local variables can be listed with ls, and manipulated with R expressions typed to this sub-interpreter. The sub-interpreter can be exited by typing c. Execution then resumes at the statement following the call to browser.

Typing n causes the step-through-debugger, to start and it is possible to step through the remainder of the function one line at a time. In this mode c will continue to the end of the current context (to the next loop iteration if within a loop).

Typing Q quits the current execution and returns you to the top-level prompt.


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See Also

debug, and traceback for the stack on error.

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