commandArgs {base}R Documentation

Extract Command Line Arguments


Provides access to a copy of the command line arguments supplied when this R session was invoked.




These arguments are captured before the standard R command line processing takes place. This means that they are the unmodified values. If it were useful, we could provide support an argument which indicated whether we want the unprocessed or processed values.

This is especially useful with the --args command-line flag to R, as all of the command line after than flag is skipped.


A character vector containing the name of the executable and the user-supplied command line arguments. The first element is the name of the executable by which R was invoked. As far as I am aware, the exact form of this element is platform dependent. It may be the fully qualified name, or simply the last component (or basename) of the application.


## Spawn a copy of this application as it was invoked.
## system(paste(commandArgs(), collapse=" "))

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