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Delay Evaluation


delay creates a promise to evaluate the given expression in the specified environment if its value is requested. This provides direct access to lazy evaluation mechanism used by R for the evaluation of (interpreted) functions.


delay(x, env = .GlobalEnv)


x an expression.
env an evaluation environment


If promises are kept inside an environment or list, they can be accessed in several ways without evaluation, see the examples below.

When a promise is eventually forced, it is evaluated within the environment specified by env (who contents may have changed in the meantime).


A promise to evaluate the expression. The value which is returned by delay can be assigned without forcing its evaluation, but any further accesses will cause evaluation.


delay was deprecated in R 2.1.0 and will be removed in 2.2.0.


x <- delay({
    for(i in 1:7)

x^2 #- yippee
x^2 #- simple number

e <- (function(x, y = 1, z) environment())(1+2, "y", {cat(" HO! "); pi+2})
(le <- as.list(e)) # a list with three promise components
utils::str(le)     # even shows what's promised

le$z # prints; does not eval
ez <- le$z
ez-2 # "HO!", pi
ez # 5.14
le$z # still promise

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