mapply {base}R Documentation

Apply a function to multiple list or vector arguments


A multivariate version of sapply. mapply applies FUN to the first elements of each ... argument, the second elements, the third elements, and so on. Arguments are recycled if necessary.


mapply(FUN, ..., MoreArgs = NULL, SIMPLIFY = TRUE, USE.NAMES = TRUE)


FUN Function to apply
... Arguments to vectorise over (list or vector)
MoreArgs A list of other arguments to FUN
SIMPLIFY Attempt to reduce the result to a vector or matrix?
USE.NAMES If the first ... argument is character and the result doesn't already have names, use it as the names


A list, vector, or matrix.

See Also

sapply, outer


mapply(rep, 1:4, 4:1)

mapply(rep, times=1:4, x=4:1)

mapply(rep, times=1:4, MoreArgs=list(x=42))

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