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Get and Set Row Names for Data Frames


All data frames have a row names attribute, a character vector of length the number of rows with no duplicates nor missing values.

For convenience, these are generic functions for which users can write other methods, and there are default methods for arrays. The description here is for the data.frame method.


row.names(x) <- value


x object of class "data.frame", or any other class for which a method has been defined.
value a vector with the same length as the number of rows of x, to be coerced to character. Duplicated or missing values are not allowed.


row.names returns a character vector.
row.names<- returns a data frame with the row names changed.


row.names is similar to rownames for arrays, and it has a method that calls rownames for an array argument.


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See Also

data.frame, rownames.

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