zip.file.extract {base}R Documentation

Extract File from a Zip Archive


This will extract the file named file from the zip archive, if possible, and write it in a temporary location.


zip.file.extract(file, zipname = "")


file A file name.
zipname The file name of a zip archive, including the ".zip" extension if required.


The method used is selected by options(unzip=). All platforms support an "internal" unzip: this is the default under Windows and the fall-back under Unix if no unzip program was found during configuration and R_UNZIPCMD is not set.

The file will be extracted if it is in the archive and any required unzip utility is available. It will probably be extracted to the directory given by tempdir, overwriting an existing file of that name.


The name of the original or extracted file. Success is indicated by returning a different name.


The "internal" method is very simple, and will not set file dates.

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