plot.xy {graphics}R Documentation

Basic Internal Plot Function


This is the internal function that does the basic plotting of points and lines. Usually, one should rather use the higher level functions instead and refer to their help pages for explanation of the arguments.


plot.xy(xy, type, pch = 1, lty = "solid", col = par("fg"), bg = NA,
        cex = 1, lwd = par("lwd"), ...)


xy A four-element list as results from xy.coords.
type 1 character code: see plot.default.
pch character or integer code for kind of points/lines, see points.default.
lty line type code, see lines.
col color code or name, see colors, palette.
bg background (“fill”) color for the open plot symbols 21:25: see points.default.
cex character expansion.
lwd line width, also used for (non-filled) plot symbols, see lines and points.
... further graphical parameters.


The arguments pch, col, bg, cex, lwd may be vectors and may be recycled, depending on type: see points and lines for specifics.

See Also

plot, plot.default, points, lines.


points.default # to see how it calls "plot.xy(xy.coords(x, y), ...)"

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