BATCH {utils}R Documentation

Batch Execution of R


Run R non-interactively with input from infile and send output (stdout/stderr) to another file.


R CMD BATCH [options] infile [outfile]


infile the name of a file with R code to be executed.
options a list of R command line options, e.g., for setting the amount of memory available and controlling the load/save process. If infile starts with a -, use -- as the final option. The default options are --restore --save.
outfile the name of a file to which to write output. If not given, the name used is that of infile, with a possible ‘.R’ extension stripped, and ‘.Rout’ appended.


Use R CMD BATCH --help to be reminded of the usage.

By default, the input commands are printed along with the output. To suppress this behavior, add options(echo = FALSE) at the beginning of infile.

Files with an incomplete last line (no end of line mark) are now accepted.

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