PkgUtils {utils}R Documentation

Utilities for Building and Checking Add-on Packages


Utilities for checking whether the sources of an R add-on package work correctly, and for building a source or binary package from them.


R CMD build [options] pkgdirs
R CMD check [options] pkgdirs


pkgdirs a list of names of directories with sources of R add-on packages.
options further options to control the processing, or for obtaining information about usage and version of the utility.


R CMD check checks R add-on packages from their sources, performing a wide variety of diagnostic checks.

R CMD build builds R source or binary packages from their sources. It will create index files in the sources if necessary, so it is often helpful to run build before check.

Use R CMD foo --help to obtain usage information on utility foo.

Several of the options to build --binary are passed to INSTALL so consult its help for the details.


These may not work correctly under Windows 95/98/ME because of problems Perl has launching programs on those limited OSes.

They make use of a temporary directory specified by the enironment variable TMPDIR and defaulting to c:/TEMP. Do ensure that if set forward slashes are used.

See Also

The sections on “Checking and building packages” and “Processing Rd format” in “Writing R Extensions” (see the Manuals sub-menu of the Help menu on the console).

INSTALL is called by build --binary.

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