getWindowsHandle {utils}R Documentation

Get a Windows Handle


Get the Windows handle of a window or the R process.


getWindowsHandle(which = "Console")


which A string (see below), or the number of a graphics device window


getWindowsHandle gets the Windows handle or process ID. Possible choices for which are:
"Console" The console window handle.
"Frame" The MDI frame window handle.
"Process" The process pseudo-handle.
"ProcessId" The process identifier.
A device number The window handle of a graphics device

These values are not normally useful to users, but may be used by developers making add-ons to R{}.

A zero is returned for the Frame handle if not running in MDI mode, for the Console handle when running Rterm, for any unrecognized string for which, or for a graphics device with no corresponding window.

Currently other windows (help browsers, etc.) are not accessible through this function, but there are plans to make them available later.


A one element integer vector holding the Windows handle.

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