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Update HTML documentation files


Functions to re-create the HTML documentation files to reflect all installed packages. make.packages.html creates the list of packages and creates the database used by the Java search engine. runs both, as well as fixup.libraries.URLs which attempts to fix up cross-library links.

Usage = FALSE, lib.loc = .libPaths())
make.packages.html(lib.loc = .libPaths()) = .libPaths())

fixup.package.URLs(pkg, force = FALSE)
fixup.libraries.URLs(lib.loc = .libPaths())


verbose logical. If true, print out a message. For use to explain a delay when called from other functions.
lib.loc character vector. List of libraries to be included.
pkg character vector. The full path to a package.
force logical. Should the links be fixed even if the stamp is present?


Cross-library links do not work on this platform. fixup.package.URLs attempts to correct links in the named package to the doc directory (usually to icons) and to the base, datasets, utils, grDevices, graphics and stats packages, and then stamps a file ‘fixedHTMLlinks’ in the package directory. If that file is found, no correction is attempted unless force = TRUE or the R installation directory (recorded in the stamp) has been changed.

fixup.libraries.URLs calls fixup.package.URLs on all packages in current library trees except the standard one.

The functions will give a warning if the files are not writeable.


make.packages.html and fixup.package.URLs return a logical showing if they suceeded.
The files ‘R_HOME\doc\html\packages.html’ and ‘R_HOME\doc\html\search\index.txt’ are (re-)created by make.packages.html and respectively.


You will need write permission in the ‘R_HOME\doc\html’ directory to use any of the first three functions, and in the appropriate library trees to use the last two.

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