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Online statistical software for astronomy and related physical sciences

StatCodes is a Web metasite with links to public domain software implementing statistical methods. The codes are chosen for their potential utility for research in astronomy and other physical sciences. Some are obtained from large code archives (such as R, CRAN, StatLib, GAMS),  while others are scattered throughout the Internet. It includes multi-purpose statistical computing systems, single-purpose packages, single-purpose source codes, and various Web resources and services. StatCodes listings are organized by statistical topic.

In mid-2005, StatCodes was updated and incorporated into Penn State's Center for Astrostatistics (CASt).   CASt provides a range of statistical resources for the physical scientist including astrostatistical tutorials, annotated bibliographies, conferences and research in addition to StatCodes.

StatCodes is maintained by Eric Feigelson, who would be glad to hear of other codes appropriate for listing here. Listing in StatCodes does not constitute any warranty concerning the validity, quality or applicability of the code.

Last StatCodes update: May 2005