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Other broad-scope statistical packages

    Well-respected library of public domain statistical software, from Carnegie Mellon University.

Fortran libraries
    Collection of public domain libraries including BLAS, EISPACK, LAPACK, LINPACK. MINPACK, MUDPACK, SLATEC, TOMS, and others. A service of the Fortran Market.  For example, SLATEC is a large mathematics library (about 900 modules) including random number generators, weighted spline and piecewise polynomial fitting, nonlinear least squares fitting.

    NIST Core Math Library collection of subroutine libraries including BLAS, EISPACK, FISHPAK, FNLIB, FFTPACK, LINPACK and QUASPACK. Contains about 750 modules. Includes k-means and hierarchical cluster analyses, spine and piecewise polynomial fits, fast Fourier transforms, nonlinear weighted orthogonal distance regression, multivariate historgrams, maximum-likelihood mixture models, bivariate linear regression with measurement errors, and random number generators. 

    Large subroutine library (about 170 modules) for probability and density distributions, line-printer plots (histograms, scatter), general statistical analysis, time series analysis, polynomial regression. From the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

GNU Scientific Library (GSL)
    The GSL is a large software system written in C/C++ which includes a variety of statistical capabiliities:  random deviates from statistical distributions; Fourier wavelet and Hankel transforms; basic statistics; density estimation (histograms, interpolation); linear and non-linear fitting.

    Software package for the manipulation and statistical analysis of data including multivariate analysis and graphical displays for multidimensional tables. From UNESCO.

    Open source scientific software package with toolboxes in 2D/3D graphics & animation, linear algebra, ODE solver, signal processing & dynamical systems, optimization, graphs,  introductory statistics, and more.  From INRIA (France).

    Annotated metasite with informative background on Python, an object-oriented programming language, and developments in Python for scientific, numerical and statistical computing. By Thomas Loredo, Cornell University.

GRB Tool Shed
    An interactive environment for the multivariate classification of gamma-ray burst data from NASA's BATSE experiment.  Includes decision trees, Naive Bayes, K*-means using EM Algorithm, COBWEB, backpropagation neutral networks, Kohonen neutral networks.  Based on the Weka machine learning package.  From Jon Hakkila & colleagues at College of Charleston.

    Statistical computing environment for data analysis, statistical instruction and research with an emphasis on dynamic graphical methods.  Extensible in the Lisp language.  From L. Tierney, University of Minnesota.

    Package oriented towards the social sciences, provides correlations, ANOVA, linear modeling,  nonparametric analysis, neural networks, and simulations.  Written in C++ with accompanying free textbook by W. G. Miller (2004).

    Smith's Statistical Package in a spread-sheet menu format.  Includes elementary graphics, permutations and simulations, ANOVA, linear regression, and nonparametric runs test.

    Econometrics package for Windows including: variable transformations, kernel density estimation, time series analysis (cross-correlation, stationarity tests, ARIMA & GARCH modeling), linear regression models (Poisson regression, Tobit, 2-stage least squares, user-supplied nonlinear), and more by H. Bierens (Penn State).

    UNIX utilities for numerical analysis and graphics including animation, rotations, Fourier transforms, data filtering.  From the Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics at Cornell University.