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On-line resources in statistics

Metasites of public-domain statistical software:

    Comprehensive archive of public domain statistical software, datasets and news maintained by the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Guide to Available Mathematical Software
    Access to dozens of packages in NETLIB & elsewhere organized through a problem decision tree. From the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Econometric software
    Large collection of commercial and public software used in econometrics including regression, time series analysis, Bayesian analyses, linear modeling, limited-dependent variables (i.e. censoring & truncation), optimization, and links to other metasites. From the Econometrics Journal online.

Advanced Visual Systems (AVS)
    International AVS Centre clearinghouse for visualization software, with over 900 public domain modules.

Metasites of commercial statistical software:

Commercial statistics packages
    Lists of commercial statistical packages, from the University of Koln.

Science Plus Group
    European commercial distributor of several hundred packages for data analysis in the social and behavioral sciences. Includes structural regression modeling, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, bootstrap and jackknife analysis, general statistics, data mining, GIS, classification, and more.

A guide to statistical software
    Links to SAS, Matlab, Minitab, BMDP, SPSS, S-Plus,  Systat, and others from the Departments of Statistics at George Mason University.

Metasites to Web resources on statistics (societies, journals, departments, on-line courses and textbooks, commercial and public domain software, etc.):

Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
    Award-winning annotated, topic-based collection of available resources for statistics, statistical graphics, and computation related to research, data analysis and teaching with ~600 links. From the Statistical  Consulting Service of York University.

Statistics education links
    A large list of (some fully on-line) texts, courses, tutorials, glossaries, Java demonstrations, graphics, datasets,  etc. by Juha Puranen of University of Helsinki.

    Comprehensive collection of links to statistical resources on the Internet including software libraries, journals, departments and organizations, SAS/S+ software, forecasting and neural network information, and more.  From Charlie Hallahan of the US Dept. of Agriculture.

WWW Virtual Library: Statistics
    Data sources, job announcements, organizations & departments, archives, software vendors, journals,email lists & news groups. From the Department of Statistics at University of Florida.

Statistics on the Web
    Dr. Arsham's online statistics course.
    Lists of statistical societies, departments, agencies, jobs, journals and software. From the Centre for Statistics of University of Queensland.

Listings of statistical meetings and workshops:

Amstat News  from the American Statistical Association
IMS Bulletin  from the international Institute of Mathematical Statistics
SIAM calendar from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
CSDA SSN from the Statistical Software Newsletter of the Computational Statistics & Data Analysis division of the International Statistics Institute

Metasites for the fields of statistical pattern recognition, classification, neural networks, machine vision and learning, data mining, image processing, mathematical morphology:

Knowledge Discovery and data mining (Katholieke)
Pattern Recognition Files (Delft)
The DataMine ( TWiki site)
Image Processing Library (Intel)
Computer vision software (Carnegie-Mellon)
Classification Society of North America

Metasite for Bayesian statistical methods:

Bayesian inference for the physical sciences (BIPS)
    Annotated metasite with informative background on Bayesian statistics and its applications in astronomy & physics.  Provides links to texts, tutorials, articles, software, and on-line resources.  By Thomas Loredo, Cornell University.

On-line statistical textbooks:

StatSoft electronic textbook
    Comprehensive on-line text emphasizing multivariate analysis with some advanced topics such as data mining, machine learning, regression splines, neural networks, survival analysis, time series analysis.  From StatSoft.

    Introductory on-line textbook by David Lane of Rice University.

Engineering Statistics Handbook
    Well-organized elementary text designed for engineers with associated Dataplot software package. From the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

The Data Analysis Briefbook
    A condensed handbook, or extended glossary, of several dozen topics in statistics and related fields for physicists.  An award-winning resource by R. Bock and W. Krisher at CERN.

Computing & statistical data analysis
    Notes from an four-week postgraduate crash course for particle physicists by Glen Cowan (Univ. of London). Topics include probability theory and functions, Monte Carlo methods, frequentist statistical tests and parameter estimation, maximum likelihood and least squares estimators, confidence intervals and limits, and unfolding instrumental response functions.  Codes are in C++. 

Electronic statistics textbook
    On-line textbook covering basic statistics, multivariate analysis, clustering and classification, data ining, experimental design, linear regression and nonlinear estimation, nonparametrics, quality control, survival analysis, time series and more.  From StatSoft.