Cstack_info {base}R Documentation

Report Information on C Stack Size and Usage


Report information on the C stack size and usage (if available).




On most platforms, C stack information is recorded when R is initialized and used for stack-checking. If this information is unavailable, the size will be returned as NA, and stack-checking is not performed.

The information on the stack base address is thought to be accurate on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD (including MacOS X), but a heuristic is used on other platforms. Because this might be slightly inaccurate, the current usage could be estimated as negative. (The heuristic is not used on embedded uses of R on platforms where the stack base is not thought to be accurate.)


An integer vector. This has named elements

size The size of the stack (in bytes), or NA if unknown.
current The estimated current usage (in bytes), possibly NA.
direction 1 (stack grows down, the usual case) or -1 (stack grows up).
eval_depth The current evaluation depth (including two calls for the call to Cstack_info).



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