RdUtils {base}R Documentation

Utilities for Processing Rd Files


Utilities for converting files in R documentation (Rd) format to other formats or create indices from them, and for converting documentation in other formats to Rd format.


R CMD Rdconv [options] file
R CMD Rd2dvi [options] files
R CMD Rd2txt [options] file
R CMD Sd2Rd [options] file


file the path to a file to be processed.
files a list of file names specifying the R documentation sources to use, by either giving the paths to the files, or the path to a directory with the sources of a package.
options further options to control the processing, or for obtaining information about usage and version of the utility.


Rdconv converts Rd format to other formats. Currently, plain text, HTML, LaTeX, S version 3 (Sd), and S version 4 (.sgml) formats are supported. It can also extract the examples for run-time testing.

Rd2dvi and Rd2txt are user-level programs for producing DVI/PDF output or pretty text output from Rd sources.

Sd2Rd converts S (version 3 or 4) documentation formats to Rd format.

Use R CMD foo --help to obtain usage information on utility foo.


Conversion to S version 3/4 formats is rough: there are some .Rd constructs for which there is no natural analogue. They are intended as a starting point for hand-tuning.

See Also

The chapter “Processing Rd format” in “Writing R Extensions” (see the ‘doc/manual’ subdirectory of the R source tree).

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