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Defunct Functions in Base Package


The functions or variables listed here are no longer part of R as they are not needed (any more).


read.table.url(url, method,...)
scan.url(url, file = tempfile(), method, ...)
source.url(url, file = tempfile(), method, ...)
httpclient(url, port=80,, check.MIME.type=TRUE,
           file=tempfile(), drop.ctrl.z=TRUE)
parse.dcf(text = NULL, file = "", fields = NULL, versionfix = FALSE)
printNoClass(x, digits = NULL, quote = TRUE, na.print = NULL,
    = NULL, right = FALSE, ...)
codes(x, ...)
codes(x, ...) <- value
print.atomic(x, quote = TRUE, ...)
La.eigen(x, symmetric, only.values = FALSE, method = c("dsyevr", "dsyev"))
package.description(pkg, lib.loc = NULL, fields = NULL)
loadURL(url, envir = parent.frame(), quiet = TRUE, ...)
delay(x, env = .GlobalEnv)
format.char(x, width = NULL, flag = "-")
La.chol2inv(x, size = ncol(x))
unix(call, intern = FALSE)


category has been an old-S function before there were factors; should be replaced by factor throughout!

The new function dev.print() should now be used for saving plots to a file or printing them.

provide and its object .Provided have been removed. They were never used for their intended purpose, to allow one package to subsume another.

getenv has been replaced by Sys.getenv.

*.url are replaced by calling read.table, scan or source on a url connection.

httpclient was used by the deprecated "socket" method of download.file.

parse.dcf has been replaced by read.dcf, which is much faster, but has a slightly different interface.

.Alias provided an unreliable way to create duplicate references to the same object. There is no direct replacement. Where multiple references to a single object are required for semantic reasons consider using environments or external pointers. There are some notes on

.Dyn.libs and .lib.loc were internal variables used for storing and manipulating the information about packages with dynloaded shared libs, and the known R library trees. These are now dynamic variables which one can get or set using .dynLibs and .libPaths, respectively.

Machine() and Platform() were functions returning the variables .Machine and .Platform respectively.

restart() should be replaced by try(), in preparation for an exception-based implementation. If you use restart() in a way that cannot be replaced with try() then ask for help on r-devel.

printNoClass was in package methods and calls directly the internal function print.default.

codes was almost always used inappropriately. To get the internal coding of a factor, use unclass, as.vector or as.integer. For ordered factors, codes was equivalent to these, but for unordered factors it assumed an an alphabetical ordering of the levels in the locale in use.

print.atomic differed from print.default only in its argument sequence. It is not a method for print.

La.eigen has become the default for eigen.

tetragamma and pentagamma have been replaced by psigamma.

package.description has been replaced by packageDescription in utils.

loadURL has been superseded by load(url()).

delay has been replaced by delayedAssign. As from R 2.1.0 promises should never be visible unevaluated.

write.table0 was an R-level version of write.table provided for temporary back-compatibility.

format.char was an auxiliary function for formatC whose functionality (and more) is provided by format.default.

La.chol and La.chol2inv became the default methods for chol and chol2inv.

Functions symbol.C and symbol.For are for historical compatibility with S. symbol.C just returns its argument unchanged, whereas symbol.For will map to lower case and append an underscore on those platforms (almost all) which do so for Fortran symbols. These are no longer of any use in R.

unix was a deprecated (since the 1990s) alternative to system, available for backwards compatibility.

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