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Report Capabilities of this Build of R


Report on the optional features which have been compiled into this build of R.


capabilities(what = NULL)


what character vector or NULL, specifying required components. NULL implies that all are required.


A named logical vector. Current components are

jpeg Is the jpeg function operational?
png Is the png function operational?
tcltk Is the tcltk package operational?
X11 (Unix) Are the X11 graphics device and the X11-based data editor available? This loads the X11 module if not already loaded, and checks that the default display can be contacted unless a X11 device has already been used.
http/ftp Are url and the internal method for download.file available?
sockets Are make.socket and related functions available?
libxml Is there support for integrating libxml with the R event loop?
fifo are FIFO connections supported?
cledit Is command-line editing available in the current R session? This is false in non-interactive sessions. It will be true for the command-line interface if readline support has been compiled in and --no-readline was not invoked.
iconv is internationalization conversion via iconv supported?
NLS is there Natural Language Support (for message translations)?
profmem is there support for memory profiling?

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   warning("internal download.file() is not available")

## See also the examples for 'connections'.

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