char.expand {base}R Documentation

Expand a String with Respect to a Target Table


Seeks a unique match of its first argument among the elements of its second. If successful, it returns this element; otherwise, it performs an action specified by the third argument.


char.expand(input, target, nomatch = stop("no match"))


input a character string to be expanded.
target a character vector with the values to be matched against.
nomatch an R expression to be evaluated in case expansion was not possible.


This function is particularly useful when abbreviations are allowed in function arguments, and need to be uniquely expanded with respect to a target table of possible values.

See Also

charmatch and pmatch for performing partial string matching.


locPars <- c("mean", "median", "mode")
char.expand("me", locPars, warning("Could not expand!"))
char.expand("mo", locPars)

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