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Inverse from Choleski Decomposition


Invert a symmetric, positive definite square matrix from its Choleski decomposition.


chol2inv(x, size = NCOL(x), LINPACK = FALSE)


x a matrix. The first size columns of the upper triangle contain the Choleski decomposition of the matrix to be inverted.
size the number of columns of x containing the Choleski decomposition.
LINPACK logical. Should LINPACK be used (for compatibility with R < 1.7.0)?


This is an interface to the LAPACK routine DPOTRI and the LINPACK routine DPODI.


The inverse of the matrix whose Choleski decomposition was given.


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See Also

chol, solve.


cma <- chol(ma  <- cbind(1, 1:3, c(1,3,7)))
ma %*% chol2inv(cma)

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