eapply {base}R Documentation

Apply a Function over values in an environment


eapply applies FUN to the named values from an environment and returns the results as a list. The user can request that all named objects are used (normally names that begin with a dot are not). The output is not sorted and no parent environments are searched.


eapply(env, FUN, ..., all.names = FALSE)


env environment to be used.
FUN the function to be applied, found via match.fun. In the case of functions like +, %*%, etc., the function name must be backquoted or quoted.
... optional arguments to FUN.
all.names a logical indicating whether to apply the function to all values

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env <- new.env()
env$a <- 1:10
env$beta <- exp(-3:3)
env$logic <- c(TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE)
# what have we there?
eapply(env, str)

# compute the mean for each list element
eapply(env, mean)
# median and quartiles for each list element
eapply(env, quantile, probs = 1:3/4)
eapply(env, quantile)

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