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Compute DLL for native interface call


This is an internal function that is called from R's C code to determine the enclosing name space of a .C/.Call/.Fortran/.External call which has no PACKAGE argument. If the call has been made from a function within a name space, then we can find the DLL associated with that name space. The purpose of this is to avoid having to use the PACKAGE argument in these native calls and so better support versions of packages.

This is an internal function that may be migrated to internal C code in the future and so should not be used by R programmers.


getCallingDLL(f = sys.function(-1), doStop = FALSE)


f the function whose name space and DLL are to be found. By default, this is the current function being called which is the one in which the native routine is being invoked.
doStop a logical value indicating whether failure to find a name space and/or DLL is an error (TRUE) or not (FALSE). The default is FALSE so that when this is called because there is no PACKAGE argument in a .C, .Call, .Fortran, .External call, no error occurs and the regular lookup is performed by searching all DLLs in order.
e an environment.

See Also

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