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Get DLLs Loaded in Current Session


This function provides a way to get a list of all the Dynamically Loadable Libraries (DLLs) that are currently loaded in the current R session.




This queries the internal table that manages the DLLs.


An object of class "DLLInfoList" which is a list with an element corresponding to each DLL that is currently loaded in the session. Each element is an object of class "DLLInfo" which has the following entries.

name the abbreviated name.
path the fully qualified name of the file which was dynamically loaded.
dynamicLookup a logical value indicating whether R uses only the registration information to resolve symbols or whether it searches the entire symbol table of the DLL.
handle a reference to the C-level data structure that provides access to the contents of the DLL. This is an object of class "DLLHandle".

Note that the class DLLInfo has an overloaded method for $ which can be used to resolve native symbols within that DLL. Therefore, one must access the R-level elements described above using [[, e.g. x[["name"]] or x[["handle"]].


We are starting to use the handle elements in the DLL object to resolve symbols more directly in R.


Duncan Temple Lang

See Also

getDLLRegisteredRoutines, getNativeSymbolInfo



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