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Argument Matching

Description returns a call in which all of the specified arguments are specified by their full names.

Usage = NULL, call =,
           expand.dots = TRUE)


definition a function, by default the function from which is called.
call an unevaluated call to the function specified by definition, as generated by call.
expand.dots logical. Should arguments matching ... in the call be included or left as a ... argument?

Details is most commonly used in two circumstances:


An object of class call.


Chambers, J. M. (1998) Programming with Data. A Guide to the S Language. Springer.

See Also

call, pmatch, match.arg,

Examples, call("get", "abc", i = FALSE, p = 3))
## -> get(x = "abc", pos = 3, inherits = FALSE)
fun <- function(x, lower = 0, upper = 1) {
  structure((x - lower) / (upper - lower), CALL =
fun(4 * atan(1), u = pi)

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