system.file {base}R Documentation

Find Names of R System Files


Finds the full file names of files in packages etc.


system.file(..., package = "base", lib.loc = NULL)


... character strings, specifying subdirectory and file(s) within some package. The default, none, returns the root of the package. Wildcards are not supported.
package a character string with the name of a single package. An error occurs if more than one package name is given.
lib.loc a character vector with path names of R libraries, or NULL. The default value of NULL corresponds to all libraries currently known. If the default is used, the loaded packages are searched before the libraries.


A character vector of positive length, containing the file names that matched ..., or the empty string, "", if none matched. If matching the root of a package, there is no trailing separator.
As a special case, system.file() gives the root of the base package only.

See Also



system.file()                  # The root of the 'base' package
system.file(package = "stats") # The root of package 'stats'
system.file("help", "AnIndex", package = "splines")

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