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Generalized Linear Model Diagnostics


Calculates jackknife deviance residuals, standardized deviance residuals, standardized Pearson residuals, approximate Cook statistic, leverage and estimated dispersion.




glmfit glmfit is a glm.object - the result of a call to glm()


Returns a list with the following components

res The vector of jackknife deviance residuals.
rd The vector of standardized deviance residuals.
rp The vector of standardized Pearson residuals.
cook The vector of approximate Cook statistics.
h The vector of leverages of the observations.
sd The value used to standardize the residuals. This is the the estimate of residual standard deviation in the Gaussian family and is the square root of the estimated shape parameter in the Gamma family. In all other cases it is 1.


See the helpfile for glm.diag.plots for an example of the use of glm.diag.


Davison, A.C. and Snell, E.J. (1991) Residuals and diagnostics. In Statistical Theory and Modelling: In Honour of Sir David Cox. D.V. Hinkley, N. Reid and E.J. Snell (editors), 83–106. Chapman and Hall.

See Also

glm, glm.diag.plots, summary.glm

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