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List of Graphical Devices


The following graphics devices are currently available:

The following devices will be available if R was compiled to use them:


If no device is open, using a high-level graphics function will cause a device to be opened. Which device is given by options("device") which is initially set as the most appropriate for each platform: a screen device for most interactive use and postscript otherwise. The exception is interactive use under Unix if no screen device is known to be available, when postscript() is used for most systems; pdf() for Mac OS X.

See Also

The individual help files for further information on any of the devices listed here;

dev.interactive, dev.cur, dev.print,, image, dev2bitmap.

capabilities to see if X11, jpeg and png are available.


## Not run: 
## open the default screen device on this platform if no device is
## open
if(dev.cur() == 1) get(getOption("device"))()
## End(Not run)

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