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Japanese characters in R


The implementation of Hershey vector fonts provides a large number of Japanese characters (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji).


Without keyboard support for typing Japanese characters, the only way to produce these characters is to use special escape sequences: see Hershey.

For example, the Hiragana character for the sound "ka" is produced by \\#J242b and the Katakana character for this sound is produced by \\#J252b. The Kanji ideograph for "one" is produced by \\#J306c or \\#N0001.

The output from demo(Japanese) shows tables of the escape sequences for the available Japanese characters.



See Also

demo(Japanese), Hershey, text, contour


plot(1:9, type="n", axes=FALSE, frame=TRUE, ylab="",
     main= "example(Japanese)", xlab= "using Hershey fonts")
Vf <- c("serif", "plain")
text(4, 2, "\\#J2438\\#J2421\\#J2451\\#J2473", vfont = Vf)
text(4, 4, "\\#J2538\\#J2521\\#J2551\\#J2573", vfont = Vf)
text(4, 6, "\\#J467c\\#J4b5c", vfont = Vf)
text(4, 8, "Japan", vfont = Vf)
text(8, 2, "Hiragana")
text(8, 4, "Katakana")
text(8, 6, "Kanji")
text(8, 8, "English")

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