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Graphics Device for Bitmap Files via GhostScript


bitmap generates a graphics file. dev2bitmap copies the current graphics device to a file in a graphics format.


bitmap(file, type = "png256", height = 6, width = 6, res = 72,
       pointsize, ...)

dev2bitmap(file, type = "png256", height = 6, width = 6, res = 72,
           pointsize, ...)


file The output file name, with an appropriate extension.
type The type of bitmap. the default is "png256".
height The plot height, in inches.
width The plot width, in inches.
res Resolution, in dots per inch.
pointsize The pointsize to be used for text: defaults to something reasonable given the width and height
... Other parameters passed to postscript.


dev2bitmap works by copying the current device to a postscript device, and post-processing the output file using ghostscript. bitmap works in the same way using a postscript device and post-processing the output as “printing”.

You will need a version of ghostscript (5.10 and later have been tested): the full path to the executable can be set by the environment variable R_GSCMD. (If this is unset the command "gs" is used, which will work if it is in your path.)

The types available will depend on the version of ghostscript, but are likely to include "pcxmono", "pcxgray", "pcx16", "pcx256", "pcx24b", "pcxcmyk", "pbm", "pbmraw", "pgm", "pgmraw", "pgnm", "pgnmraw", "pnm", "pnmraw", "ppm", "ppmraw", "pkm", "pkmraw", "tiffcrle", "tiffg3", "tiffg32d", "tiffg4", "tifflzw", "tiffpack", "tiff12nc", "tiff24nc", "psmono", "psgray", "psrgb", "bit", "bitrgb", "bitcmyk", "pngmono", "pnggray", "png16", "png256", "png16m", "jpeg", "jpeggray", "pdfwrite".

Note: despite the name of the functions they can produce PDF via type = "pdfwrite", and the PDF produced is not bitmapped.

For formats which contain a single image, a file specification like Rplots%03d.png can be used: this is interpreted by GhostScript.

For dev2bitmap if just one of width and height is specified, the other is chosen to preserve aspect ratio of the device being copied.

For graphics parameters such as "cra" that need to work in pixels, the default resolution of 72dpi is always used.



See Also

postscript, png and jpeg and on Windows bmp.

pdf generate PDF directly.

To display an array of data, see image.

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