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Auxiliary Function to Set/View Argument of postscript


The auxiliary function ps.options can be used to set and view (if called without arguments) default values for the arguments to postscript.

ps.options needs to be called before calling postscript, and the default values it sets can be overridden by supplying arguments to postscript.


ps.options(..., reset = FALSE, override.check = FALSE)


... arguments paper, horizontal, width, height, family, encoding, pointsize, bg, fg, onefile,, colormodel and append (ignored) can be supplied.
reset, override.check logical arguments passed to check.options. See the Examples.


A named list of arguments.

See Also



ps.options(bg = "pink")
utils::str(ps.options(reset = TRUE))

### ---- error checking of arguments: ----
ps.options(width=0:12, onefile=0, bg=pi)
# override the check for 'onefile', but not the others:
utils::str(ps.options(width=0:12, onefile=1, bg=pi,
                      override.check = c(FALSE,TRUE,FALSE)))

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