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MacOS X Quartz device


quartz starts a graphics device driver for the MacOS X System. This can only be done on machines that run MacOS X.


quartz(display = "", width = 5, height = 5, pointsize = 12,
       family = "Helvetica", antialias = TRUE, autorefresh = TRUE)


display the display on which the graphics window will appear. The default is to use the value in the user's environment variable DISPLAY.
width the width of the plotting window in inches.
height the height of the plotting window in inches.
pointsize the default pointsize to be used.
family this is the family name of the Postscript font that will be used by the device.
antialias whether to use antialiasing. It is never the case to set it FALSE
autorefresh logical specifying if realtime refreshing should be done. If FALSE, the system is charged to refresh the context of the device window.


Quartz is the graphic engine based on the PDF format. It is used by the graphic interface of MacOS X to render high quality graphics. As PDF it is device independent and can be rescaled without loss of definition.

If a device-independent R graphics font family is specified (e.g., via par(family=) in the graphics package), the Quartz device makes use of the Quartz font database (see quartzFonts) to convert the R graphics font family to a Quartz-specific font family description.

Calling quartz() sets .Device to "quartz".

Line widths as controlled by par(lwd=) are in multiples of the 1/72 inch, and multiples < 1 are silently converted to 1.

See Also

quartzFonts, Devices.

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